February 2021 – Milestone 2 achieved: successful feasibility study

Milestone 2 achieved, fully focusing on Milestone 3

After having the feedback from both industrial partners on our latest results deriving from our laboratory, we are more than happy to announce that milestone 2 is achieved. The feasibility to enrich within a certain time at certain costs per resulting kit is proven.

With an overall working time of 12 hours for Listeria and 9 hours for Salmonella (in food and environmental monitoring samples) we are well below the given specification. These data are outstanding for the associated detection limits.

Based on that, the team is now fully focusing to achieve milestone 3 by end of May. This includes a prototype ready in our own laboratory. In parallel we further push optimization, sourcing and start to prepare the company’s visibility so to attract potential scalability partners in addition to the two already existing industrial partners.