June 30th 2022 – First successful pre-validation test from the expert lab ADRIA

June 30th 2022 – The expert laboratory ADRIA sent us the very promising results of their pre-validation study of our new Salmonella spp. kit for raw meat and surface production environment samples.

This pre-validation was executed using the official EN ISO 16140-2:2016 norm (all samples were inoculated with ≤ 3 CFU). Our test results were greatand well within the acceptability limits. This was the first significant achievement daygnostics AG has made. With this very positive feedback, we are ready for a full validation of our alternative method.


Novel analytical methods need to comply with European regulations and validation procedures provide standards for food safety. ADRIA is specialized in the validation of alternative methods (according to AFNOR, MicroVal, AOAC-RI).